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$ 60,000


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Unveil Balance, Community and Vibrant Living

Introducing Flamingo House, an embodiment of balance, community, and cooperation, set charmingly in the idyllic Hamidu City Park, Kigamboni, Tanzania. This house, much like its namesake, stands tall – an icon of beauty, endurance and radiant emotions.

  • Elegant Layout: Bask in the inviting atmosphere woven by the elegant design elements of Flamingo House, designed to welcome and comfort.
  • Private Sanctuary: Offering two intimate, self-contained bedrooms, Flamingo House provides a quiet retreat paired with luxury and comfort.
  • Connected Spaces: Discover the joy of togetherness, as an open-plan kitchen leads to an expansive dining and living area, making every meal a cherished memory.
  • Illuminated Comfort: Large glass windows bathe the interiors in natural light, offering beautiful vistas of the surroundings while ensuring a well-ventilated, refreshing indoor atmosphere.

Dwell in Flamingo House, a place that decorates your life with happiness and harmony. Embrace the spirit of this home, which encourages nurturing partnerships and trust in your intuition, just as its avian counterpart inspires. Welcome to Flamingo House, a hub of vibrant living and strong sense of community—a perfect setting for your life’s beautiful journey.

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Mikwambe Kigamboni P. O. Box 79245 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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