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$ 140,000


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Celebrate Grandeur and Elegance

Behold the splendor of the Peacock House, a three-bedroom gem nestled in the heart of Hamidu City Park, Kigamboni, Tanzania. Drawing parallels with the vibrant and majestic peacock, this residence evokes a sense of grandeur, elegance, and lavishness.

  • Statement Architecture: Positioned as an architectural masterpiece in our city, the Peacock House’s structure uniquely amalgamates space and style, making it visually alluring and seamlessly comfortable.
  • Expansive Living Spaces: Discover the freedom of space with an open layout that exudes flexibility, allowing you to make the space truly your own and giving a whole new meaning to comfortable living.
  • Sprawling Home: Stretched across a generous plot of 461 sqm with 154 sqm built area, the Peacock House caters superbly to the most aspirational lifestyle needs.
  • A Botanical Paradise: Complementing the grandeur of the home is an artistically designed garden. Mirroring the vibrancy of a peacock’s display, this lush expanse radiates colors promising serene and tranquil moments at the heart of your home.

Walk into the Peacock House and feel immediate affinity with its experienced craftsmanship that balances high-end design and functionality. Much like the regal peacock, this home is an epitome of sophistication, elegance and charm, perfectly manifested in its every detail.

Dive headfirst into an extravagant lifestyle, where every nook echoes with the grace of the peacock. Welcome to the Peacock House, welcome to your dream home!

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Mikwambe Kigamboni P. O. Box 79245 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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